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Review: Excepcion Red by El Septimo

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The newest addition to the Excepcion line has landed. This blend is only available in limited quantities. This is a slightly stronger profile than most under the El Septimo flag. A prefect combination is promised with a balance of strength, flavor, and aroma. See review below for a more detailed look.


Brand: El Septimo

Line: Excepcion Red

Collection: Luxus

Profile: Full

Wrapper: Dark and Oliy

Length: 5 inches

Gauge: 60

Country: Costa Rica

Tobacco Age: 5 years

Pricing: (Box of 25) - $990.00

(per stick) - $44.00

First Impression:

I have found a love for the El Septimo brand at this point. Each blend offers something different and this was no exception. I was very excited to venture into the newest cigar in this line.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I did go a different way with this cigar. A lighting method I learned from a long time cigar veteran. I toasted the foot then blew on it to keep the light going. I repeated this process three times until the cigar was lit and ready to go. Each toast was slow and deliberate. Once it was I ready I punched the cigar and took my first draw. It was an amazing process. You get the cold draw and then it shifts to the heated lit draw.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

As with all El Septimo cigars the lighting is and should be a slow meticulous process. This cigar was no different. Once lit it stays lit. The draw was in the middle of loose and tight. It was perfect. Burn was great. It was slow, but didn't feel like it was dragging. It also burned very evenly throughout.


The first third of this cigar is bursting with creamy leather. It also has notes of espresso, coffee, and dark chocolate. As you move into the second third the creamy flavor remains. The leather starts to digress. The espresso and coffee flavor get stronger but remain notes. I also had some cedar flavor in the background. In the final third the coffee and espresso become primary. Strong notes of leather remain but in the background. The dark chocolate flavor has mostly disappeared as well. This cigar had zero bitterness down to the end.

My Preference:

This particular cigar spent 10 days in the humidor, but was ready on arrival. I used the punch that is part of the El Septimo duel jet black torch lighter. I used the same lighter as my source of fire.

Final Thoughts:

Another winner in the line-up from El Septimo. I never worry at having a bad cigar or one I do not like at this point. This one is moderately priced and well worth every penny. This is a great cigar for the post dinner firepit while enjoying a glass of whiskey. It also will fit in with your morning cup of coffee.

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