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Review: Long Shot Black by El Septimo

As we step back into the Luxus Collection here is another offering that I was excited to try. A 9 year aged tobacco rolled to perfection to create what is known as the Long Shot Black. Packed with flavor and a large ring gauge this cigar has plenty to offer any smoker who gets the opportunity to smoke one.


Brand: El Septimo

Cigar: Long Shot Black

Collection: Luxus

Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Dark and Oily

Length: 5 inches

Gauge: 68

Country: Costa Rica

Tobacco Age: 9 years

Pricing: (Box of 10) - $513.00

(per stick) - $54.00

First Impression:

I have learned that I have to expect the best from El Septimo and still be surprised that it was even better than I thought. This was no exception. No matter which cigar from which collection it never lets me down.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I inspected this entire cigar. The wrapper, feel, and construction were great. It had a very strong aroma coming from it that really reminded me of a cigar smoker 100 years ago. My cut was made and a slow toast was to follow.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

As with every cigar from El Septimo I always do a long methodical toast with the heat from the flame. I never let the flame touch the cigar. I follow the same process to get this premium cigar lit. The draw is perfect. There is not much more to say about that. The burn is precision at its best. Even as can be from start to finish.


I did not know what to expect from this cigar so I got right into it. The initial flavor upon lighting this cigar was natural aged tobacco and a shot of pepper. It was just enough to make you puff slow to get all the flavor you could. As I got well into the first third the tobacco flavor was paired with cedar and leather to give it that high end old school feel. By the second third the pepper had nearly disappeared. The leather and cedar flavor took the front seat here while the aged tobacco flavor was a strong note on every puff. The final third added a creaminess to profile. The best I could describe it would be heavy whipping cream. The other flavors stayed in their position and remained perfect all the way to the end which had zero bitterness.

My Preference:

I allowed this to take a 7 day rest period inside the humidor. It was absolutely ready to smoke on arrival though. My cutter of choice was the large punch that is part of the El Septimo 4-in-1 cigar tool. My source of fire was the El Septimo Black duel flame jet lighter.

Final Thoughts:

Once again a cigar has exceeded my expectations. This cigar is a medium profile, but packs a punch in the right places. Amazing flavors that mix so well together. There was even a few surprise flavors that I did not expect at all. Overall this is a solid high end cigar that would earn a spot in any humidor.

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