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Review: El Septimo Kolosso Amethyst

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

When you say the words, "Premium Cigars" El Septimo has to be in the mix. With so many blends and flavors put together with careful consideration and care this brand screams luxury. Hailing from their Diamond collection I bring to you Kolosso Amethyst.


Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Oily and Dark

Collection: Diamond

Length: 6 inches

Gauge: 60

Country: Costa Rica

Pricing: (Box of 25) - $1485

(per stick) - $66

First Impression:

The diamond collection in my mind is the top shelf of this premium brand. The expectations are always sky high when it comes to El Septimo. They are yet to let me down and I expect this to be another outstanding cigar in their very deep line-up.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

A very nice v-cut was made. I skipped the cold draw for this one. I did get some long winded aroma when smelling this cigar. I gave it a slow toast with just the heat form the lighter. Once it was ready that first draw was to follow.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

Getting this cigar going is a slow and methodical process. It is also well worth the time. Once it is properly toasted it lights up extremely easy. The draw is spot on. Not to loose and not to tight. It has found that perfect middle ground. The burn was very even and paced. Towards the end it became slightly uneven. Had I not been looking for it I have no doubt it would have gone unnoticed.


There is a ton of flavors working here from the initial lighting. The first third shares two main flavors. Leather and licorice are apparent. There are also salty notes in the background. As you move into the second third this is where it gets interesting. The leather remains in its position. The licorice takes on a sweeter form with notes of caramel floating in the background. Once you enter the final third flavors remain the same with the exception of the salty flavor and caramel becoming more prominent. All the way down to the nub you receive big time flavor with zero bitterness.

My Preference:

This cigar was ready on arrival. I did give it three days in the humidor just to allow it to acclimate. I made my cut with a Colibri 1928 v-cutter. The source of fire was a classic brass Zippo with a duel butane flame insert.

Final Thoughts:

The only thing I could think of ass the final bit of this cigar burned out was I want another one. The flavor and construction is on another level. You would expect to find one bad cigar or at least a less favorable one with any brand. Thus far I have not reached that conclusion. This is another must buy from El Septimo.

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