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Review: El Septimo Excepcion Esmeralda

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Another offering from the Diamond Collection form El Spetimo. A 5 year aged tobacco rolled to perfection for our enjoyment. I am always excited to review cigars form this brand and I am yet to be disappointed.


Profile: Medium/Full

Collection: Diamond

Wrapper: Dark

Length: 5 inches

Gauge: 60

Country: Costa Rica

Tobacco Age: 5 years

Pricing: (Box of 25) - $1080.00

(per stick) - $48.00

First Impression:

This was the first Excepcion Esmeralda that I have smoked. I have had such great luck with the brand that it had to be reviewed. Always quality always full of flavor. My initial thoughts were nto to find out of this cigar was good. It was trying to see how good it was.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I have a thing about feeling the cigars at this point. You can get a solid idea of construction. This cigar felt great in the hands with a smooth wrapper. The aroma was good but not overpowering. After punch, toast, then smoke.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

Lighting was . It seems that a long and slow toast just makes everything work. The draw for this cigar was on the looser side of perfect which was great. The burn was on the faster side and even.


While I am a huge fan of transitions in a cigar. Sometimes a cigar starts out great and stays the path for the entire smoke. This is one of those cigars. The first third kicks out a strong flavor of leather. It also has strong notes of chocolate, sweetness, and acidic fruits. The second and final third keep pace with the first. The only difference that I could taste was between the second and final third. The leather flavor came down just a bit and the chocolate flavor kicked it up a notch. Match all this with bellows of creamy smoke and you have a premium quality and flavorful cigar.

My Preference:

This cigar spent three weeks in the humidor. I made my cut with the punch on the underside of the El Septimo jet lighter. Since it was a two in one package I used the same lighter as a source of fire.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to the line of cigar from El Septimo I have yet to find one I did not like. This cigar in particular is definitely in my top three from the brand. It was well worth the price they are asking for a perfectly constructed and flavorful cigar.

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