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Review: El Septimo Bullet Black

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

At only 3 1/4 inches this cigar is one of the quicker smoke from El Spetimo. Do not let the smaller size full you. The flavor starts right out of the gate and stays with you until the cigar is through and beyond.


Profile: Medium / Full

Wrapper: Oily and Dark

Collection: Diamond

Length: 3 1/4 inches

Gauge: 56

Country: Costa Rica

Tobacco Age: 5 years

Pricing: (Box of 25) - $518.00

(per stick) - $24.00

First Impression:

I am a huge fan of the short and fat cigars. I was automatically excited about this one just based on size. Pair that with my previous experience with the brand there was nothing but joy leading up to smoking.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

Nothing new when it comes to premium sticks. Make the cut. Toast slow and with precision. Light the foot and enjoy the ride.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

I really feel that I am kicking a dead horse. The lighting is amazing after a slow toast. The draw is perfect. The burn is paced and even. It just is what it is when your talking high end premium cigars.


The flavor in this short cigar is bold and to the point. The first third is very Earthy with spice flavors which I could not determine. What I did know is that it was very creamy and tasty. There were also strong notes of roasted nuts pulling everything together. The second and final third of this cigar matched each other. The earth and spice flavors were still very much int he picture but the roasted nut flavor was not a note anymore. It took an upfront roll. That paired with the creamy finish reminded me of hazelnuts and chestnuts in the oven. Another bitter free cigar all the way to the end.

My Preference:

Two week sin the humidor was just right. I made my cut with a Bullet punch from Ammodor. My source of fire was old faithful. A classic brass Zippo with a duel flame butane insert.

Final Thoughts:

This cigar was very good and smooth. It had all the right flavors and let you know about them right form the start. A quick smoke compared to some in their line-up, but don't let that fool you. The flavor is there weaved between perfect construction.

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