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Review: Coco by El Septimo

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Alexandra collection started off very elegant. It left everyone waiting for another offering. Coco is that second offering. A light to medium smoke that is sure to get your taste buds jumping up and down. Read below for the review of the latest edition to this collection.


Brand: El Septimo

Name: Coco

Collection: Alexandra

Profile: Light / Medium

Wrapper: Oily and Dark

Length: 5.25 inches

Gauge: 52

Country: Costa Rica

Tobacco Age: 5 years

Pricing: (Box of 10) - $247.00

(per stick) - $26.00

First Impression:

I am not entirely sure why the band of this cigar caught my eye over many others. Maybe it is due to the color selection. With that being said this cigar had a great aroma pore smoke. You had to have it closer to your nose to grab it, but not so close that it had to touch. It has a great smell with even better construction.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

Nothing new happening with this brand. I get a good se3nse of the aroma. Inspected the wrapper which was amazing. I admire it as if it were art. I make my cut and prepare for the initial toasting.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

This cigar was one of the easier to get lit. It it lights up very evenly. The draw is on the tighter side of perfect, but nothing that would steer you towards a negative opinion. The burn is medium speed and even. No touch-ups required.


The first third of this cigar was very pleasant. Floral noted were hanging around while creamy cedar was the star of the show. There was also a sweetness that resembled powdered sugar. As I moved into the second third of the cigar the floral notes got more distant as a woodsy flavor started to come on. The cedar was still the star, but the taste of cocoa was becoming a rival. The final third was even creamier. The cedar was still largely part of the flavor, but the cocoa took over until the end. The floral notes had disappeared and the woodsy and sugar flavors remained as background compliments.

My Preference:

This found refuge in my humidor for two weeks. It was not necessary that is just how it happened. I made my cut with the punch that is on the bottom of the El Septimo Black Jet Lighter. I also used the same lighter for my source of fire.

Final Thoughts:

I usually am not a fan of the lighter cigars. It is just a personal preference. I will say that this cigar was light/medium, but very enjoyable. The aroma and flavors mixed extremely well. The burn was amazing. This was constructed and aged with the upmost respect to the cigar. Definitely a cigar you would want to have on hand or inside your humidor.

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