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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

There are plenty of great websites to shop from when it comes to cigars. They provide us with amazing service and surprisingly great shipping even with the CoVid pandemic going on. I stumbled upon Cigar God some time ago and felt the need to put something out about it.

The first thing I have to highlight is the customer service. We have all seen the video that they put out with tips and tricks when it comes to cigars. Steve is the guy in those videos sharing his knowledge. Steve is also the guy who personally answers your questions when you have one. They have many way to get in touch with them. I have had several conversations with him regarding orders or asking questions about something he has in stock. His customer service is top notch. He never pushes you out of the way to move on. He takes a genuine interest in your question or concern and does not end the interaction until you have an answer. I have to say, "GREAT JOB STEVE!"

Next, lets go to the selection. What you get here is a fine tuned selection for lack of better words. If your looking for the major name sin the game they have them. If your looking for the harder to find cigars and rare items they have them as well. They truly carry a great assortment of middle and higher end cigars.

Finally, let us speak about the prices. If your looking to find the bargain cigars this may not be the place for you. What you will find are great time tested brands at a very competitive price. The tow things that caught my eye immediately were the CRA packs and the Quarantine packs. This is the bang for your buck without question.

There are so many great things that can be said about this site. I felt the need to put something up about Cigar God though because I have experienced it persoanlly. I woudl recommend that you do not take my word for it though. Go to the site and make a purchase and find out for yourself.

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