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Review: Cigar Stand By Leather Works Riverside

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I was very excited to open this package. What we have is a leather cigar stand from Leather Works Riverside. I received a red and blue one. To be honest I love them both. This is something different in the world of cigar stands.


Brand: Leather Works Riverside

Item: Cigar Stand

Material: Leather

Extras: Rivet closure

Connections: Key chain with clip

Price: $20.00 shipped

Contact: Instagram @Isleatherworksriverside

First Impression:

The very first thing I have to comment on is the shipping speed. It was a pleasant surprise for the item to arrive earlier than estimated. Once I opened the package I got a sweet aroma of leather. Not just any leather though. It had that high dollar, I want this smell in my life everyday leather. The stand was very sturdy and thick. A solid brass rivet held this stand together. It also has a key ring and a clip to attach to a bag or belt loop.


I was fortunate enough to grab two of these. I wanted to really use this as an everyday carry item. It was put in the travel humidor, hooked to a belt loop, put on my key ring, and attached to my everyday carry ruck sack. Basically, I went above and beyond to use it in every way I could within reason.

One Week Follow-Up:

First, I want to address the durability. This thing looks brand new after one week of hard use. It has some marking that is typical with leather and it really adds character to the item. One thing that I liked was you really can not tip this stand over. Its construction is long and just does not allow it to happen. I smoked a wide variety of cigars as well with the biggest being 60 gauge. It held it like a champ with a little room to spare.

Final Thoughts:

I am a sucker for simple and effective. I am also a fan of leather products made with quality. This stand fits the bill on both. It may not be for everyone since some are die hard metal stand cigar smokers. It would be safe to say that you would be very happy with your purchase.

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