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Review: Cigar Dagger (Bio Hazard Silver)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We have all been there before. Smoking your favorite stick down to the nub. The unfortunate facts of being a "nubber" is you can burn your fingers. This is where the Cigar Dagger comes in. You can purchase one by heading over to

The Ad Copy:

The Bio Hazard Cigar Saver embodies all the coolness of Cigar Dagger culture and packages it in a neat little design with more than a passing nod at one of the most poignant symbols of our time. The gas mask. We’re all fascinated by the horror of this singular item, combined here with a silver toned skull for maximum disturbing effect. We’ve already grown very fond of the little guy even though he is the newest edition to our store with his industrial silver-toned and gun metal elements. Put some smoke in the air with bio Hazard. Perfect for post apocalyptic fans, horror fans, Fallout fans, and those of you who already have a matching tattoo.

The Bio Hazard Cigar Dagger comes with a protective end, satin pouch and gift box.

*All of our Cigar Daggers have a sharp pointed end; please keep out of reach of children.

The Packaging:

Nothing screams "I care about my product" more than the packaging. It is the first thing consumers see when their order arrives. Fortunately, for us, Cigar dagger has done an excellent job of packaging this handy cigar tool.a company cares

The Point:

If you don't want to believe the ad copy believe me. This thing is extremely it should be. You will not have any issue using the item to hold the nub. It also works well as a poker should you choose to use it that way. It comes with a protective cover which I recommend you use.

The Dagger:

Everyone likes the look of luxury in their life. This dagger does just that. While I own the Bio Hazard edition I have seen other models and they look equally as good. It all comes down to preference. You will be proud to use this and set it down on a table for other to visually enjoy.


Because the daggers use a variety of materials, it is advised that you wipe them down using only a warm damp cloth. To remove any residue from the stainless steel point, use warm water and a soft sponge. To remove any burn marks from the stainless steel point, use warm water and a course sponge pad. For best results, cleaning your point should be done after every use, please do not allow the residue to cake on and dry as it’s then harder to remove. (Personally, we like the vintage burnt look on our nubbers)

DO NOT run under water or place in dishwasher. Store your Cigar Dagger as you would any other cigar accessory.

Final Thoughts:

Can this task be accomplished other ways? Yes it can. In my case $30.00 is worth every penny and then some to smoke in style. I enjoy the elegance and design. It has a sturdy build to it and feels great in the hand. It does exactly what it is suppose to do. If you are like me and want to add some flare to your passion of cigars definitely go check out the Cigar dagger.

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