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Review: Cigar Buddies "The Wedge"

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Ad Copy:

The Wedge Cigar holder is for use on any Magnetic Surface including Golf carts.

First Impression:

While this product is very simple I would like to note a few things when I opened the package. The holder itself is made of a lightweight soft metal but looks very cool. It is also very lightweight and would not be noticed if you were carrying it.


Again, this is a simple product so what would there be to review right? I did find two thing that I wanted to check during usage. First, this will accommodate a good number of cigars. Some of the bigger CAO Flatheads and similar size cigars will not fit though. The second part was how well will the magnet hold up with a cigar in it and stay upright. What I found out is that if you place the cigar in the holder it will maintain an upright position and not drop your stick to the ground. I stuck mine to my grill while cooking. It survived the bumps and lid closing like a champ. You do have to make sure the cigar is in the wedge as far as it will go, but this is a small task in the grand scheme of things.

Final Thoughts:

For a sub $15 holder this has value. It is magnetic and does what it says. It also holds the

cigar gently and does not do damage. I have had some cigar clips that hold the cigar via pressure which have put tears ion the wrapper or damaged the cigar removing it. If you need something magnetic to hold your stick while grilling, golfing, fishing I would definitely take a look at this option.

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