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Review: Camacho Pre-Embargo Toro

Camacho Pre-Embargo is a very unique cigar. It is constructed with a Vintage 1999 Jamastran Corojo wrapper that finishes a complex filler blend including authentic Pre-Embargo Cuban tobacco. The aged Cuban tobacco used in this cigar is taken from one of four remaining bales in the world. This is a true piece of history.


Brand: Camacho

Cigar: Pre-Embargo

Profile: Medium / Full

Wrapper: Corojo, Criollo, Honduran

Shape: Toro

Length: 6 inches 

Gauge: 48

Country: Honduras 

Filler: Cuban, Honduran 

Binder: Honduran

Pricing (Box of 25) - $625.00

(per stick) - $25.00

First Impression:

I was very excited to get this cigar. So excited it took me awhile to even decide to smoke it. Legal Cuban tobacco was used in this cigar because there were four bales left. That dates the tobacco itself more than 50 years old. A beautiful cigar that is living history that you can purchase in the United States.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I enjoyed the aroma of the wrapper and foot. I enjoyed just looking at this cigar form the wrapper to the elegant and simple band. I took it all in, pulled the pigtail, and began to slowly light this cigar.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

I took an extended amount of time to light this. I wanted it to be perfect. The extended foot ignited perfectly. The draw was perfect, and perfect in a big way. The burn was moderate speed and perfectly even.


This cigar had a very complex and buttery taste throughout. Simple, but in-depth. This cigar also remained very consistent throughout. There were not any noticeable transitions. The flavor of leather and nuts stole the show. It also featured that perfect natural Cuban tobacco flavor to complete the package. A very even smoke that is creamy all the way down to the finish.

My Preference:

I let this cigar sit in my humidor for almost 6 weeks. It was not due to lack of wanting to smoke it, but more so that I wanted to keep it to say I have it. I pulled the pigtail off which left a perfect "cut" for smoking. For my source of fire I used pieces of cedar to light it up. I wanted to go full on traditional with this one.

Final Thoughts:

WOW!!! Take your time smoking this. Go slow. Enjoy all the flavor and the perfect mixture of them. There is nothing bad here. The only negative I can find about this right now is that I do not have more.

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