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Review: Boravis 2-1 Cigar Draw Tool

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The cigar accessory world is large. If there is a need for the tool it has been invented. Today we are looking at the Boravis 2-1 Cigar Draw Tool. The short version is a pen shaped tool that has a draw poker and a nubber in it.


Brand: Boravis

Price: $15.99 on Amazon

Material: Aluminum

Tools: Cigar Draw Tool and Nubber

Length Of Draw Tool: 4.17 inches

Length Of Nubber: 0.59 inches

Shape: Compact pen style design

Notes: Precision cut threads for easy open/close

The Draw Tool:

Ever had that cigar that was just wrapped a bit to tight? Doesn't mean it is a bad cigar just means it needs some extra tender, love, and care to smoke it at its optimal state. Boravis has solved this problem with a quality and economical friendly solution. Operation is simple. Insert the draw tool into the cigar with a twisting motion. Once inserted completely pull the tool straight out. It will give you the airflow that you have desired.

The Nubber:

Insert the nubber into the body of the cigar near the cap. Now you are able to smoke that stogie down to nothing. Some say this is where the best flavor is located.

The instructions for use are very simple overall. Boravis has included osme basic instructions for the tool which you can see in the gallery below.

Final Thoughts:

None of these tools are new and I have used a bunch. I will say for a $15.99 price tag it will be very hard to beat this comparing quality to price. It is very sturdy, space friendly, and when closed looks very elegant. You can search for this on Amazon and give it a try yourself. I personally keep this in my work travel humidor should an issue arise that I need it for.

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