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Review: Arturo Fuente Cafe Cubano K-Cups

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Since so many of us love to pair our cigars with coffee this product just makes sense. Arturo Fuente Cafe Cubano K-Cups are literally the perfect match. It is only fair to the cigar lovers that you make a top notch coffee to pair with your high end cigar line.

The Ad Copy:

Arturo Fuente Cubano Classico Coffee K-Cups bring the elegance and craftsmanship of Arturo Fuente to the world of decadent premium-roasted coffee in convenient K-Cups. It only makes sense that a maker of premium cigars who is known for delivering rich deep flavors brings you the perfect pairing to go with your Arturo Fuente cigar any time of day to fully round out your smoke for the ultimate in relaxation. Take your love for Arturo Fuente cigars to the next level and pair it with a cup of carefully selected Arturo Fuente Cubano Classico coffee, brewed in just minutes.


Brand: Arturo Fuente

Type: K-Cups

Box: 20 K-Cups

Beans: A mix of Robusta and Arabica

Roast: Dark

Flavor: Bold

Body: Full

Price: $17.95 per box of 20


The first step in falling in love with a coffee. The aroma that pours form your cup as soon as it is done brewing. This has a very deep and rich smell that is very pleasant

and inviting.


This coffee is very bold and not for the light roast crowd. It is full bodied and packs a ton of flavor. I can't quite put my finger on a fair comparison. It has hits of flavor that are familiar, but the mixture of beans are perfectly sorted out to give this a flavor profile all its own.


Obviously, this coffee would pair well with any Fuetne cigar. I did try each k-cup with a different cigar each time. I have to say of the 20 that I tried Fuente cigars did pair well but they were not the only ones. You have a lot of options that would enhance the flavor of the cigar and the coffee.


As stated, I did try this with a range of cigars. There were two that stuck out in my mind and honestly I can not pick which one I liked best. The plus side is either would be perfect to start my morning with.

Arturo Fuente cafe cubano k-cup with nothing added. I am a fan of black coffee. As for the two cigars that I felt paired the best, they are as follows. First, I loved the Opus X Lost City with this coffee. It matched up extremely well. When the same person makes both items how could it not work? The other cigar that I found to be very pleasant was the Rocky Patel 50th. anniversary. I did not expect this one to top the list, but it is a good thing we keep trying everything. That is how we find those hidden gems.

Final Thoughts:

I am a coffee lover. Even if we took the cigars out of the equation this is a delightful coffee. There are so many brands, blends, and roasts that it is difficult to choose. I will be purchasing this again. I also recommend you give it a try for yourself. This could be your next go to coffee by itself or to pair with your favorite stick.

Now in stock! Arturo Fuente has been roasting coffee since 1912. As you would expect, a blend of the best Robusta and Arabica beans would only be appropriate for this dark roast, hand-crafted coffee. Lovers of the full-flavored Fuente will appreciate the bold full-bodied flavor of this fine indulgence. 10 oz. Ground (283 grams) in a special inner foil bag with freshness valve presented in a special collectible burlap bag. Get yours today and pair it with your favorite smoke!!

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