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Review: 4 in 1 Cigar Tool by El Septimo

The goodness just keeps rolling in from El Septimo. They make a splash on US soil with a line of cigars that is one of if not the best in the world. They then follow it up with an accessory line that meets the luxury standard. So here we go with yet another solid release.

STATS: Brand: El Septimo

Item: 4-in-1 cigar tool

Material: Aluminum

Pocket Friendly: Yes

Multi Color Option: Yes

Price: $95.00

First Impression:

Not all cigar tools are created equally and this is the proof. The concept behind this is nothing new. They produced a portable cigar tool that has multiple functions and is easy to carry. On site there was just something about it that made me believe I was about to use a premium tool.


High quality aluminum with color choices to fit your preference is very sturdy in the hand. No bending or flimsy feeling here. What they build was a slimline tool that is not much bogger than a pen. It can be slipped into a pants or shirt pocket or inside your travel case. There is nubs in the metal to make opening, closing, and turning easy.

Tools Included:

At pone end of the tool you can unscrew a cap to reveal a two prong cigar nubber. This is almost a must have for the folks who want to smoke their previous cigars down to the last piece of leaf. If you twist one end there is a cigar punch with a medium sized radius. At the other end is another cigar punch with a larger radius. Finally, you have one more section to unscrew to reveal a cigar draw tool.


This should be very simple. I used this tool day in and day out for everything. The cigar draw tool only had to be used twice, but it performed as it should both times. The cigar nubber got a solid workout helping smoke down several cigars. The one thing I noticed is that the prongs never got burn marks or even tarnished. Finally, I did get use out of both cigar punches. El Septimo recommends that you punch their cigars. I did just that. The small punch was great for their world tour offerings, Bullet Black, X-Trem Shot, and other smaller cigars. The bigger punch did the job perfectly for the larger offerings. Overall this was a great tool that I could keep on me at all times and know it will perform without fail.

Final Thoughts:

Does this tool cost more than most? Yes. Will you get your moneys worth out of it? Absolutely. I have to say I spend money on everything cigar related. Just like most people. I am very happy with this tool. Not only will it last me a lifetime or close to it, it is also very compact and stylish. Another solid accessory from underneath the El Septimo flag.

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