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Now Available: Gilgamesh and Classic Quad Torch Lighter by El Septimo

The Gilgamesh and Classic Quad Torch Lighters with stand are now available form El Septimo.

Gilgamesh Quad Torch lighter and stand - $75.00

Classic Quad Torch Lighter and stand - $75.00

Below are a few bullet points and a link to get your own:

- Windproof Gas Lighter

- Made of Metal

- Doubles as a Cigar Stand

- Blue Flame Burst with a Modern Quartz Controlled Electric Ignition System

- Strong, High Temperature and Concentrated

- Refillable through Bottom Inflation Device

-Transparent Observation Port to Easily Observe Gas Levels

- Ergonomic Grip Offering a Comfortable One-Handed Fit

Get yours by clicking here.

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