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NEW WORLD "Navegante" Oscuro by AJ Fernandez

NEW WORLD Oscuro by AJ Fernandez is one of the best and most complex cigars out of Estelí, Nicaragua, today. This, his first collaboration with his father, provides a satisfying and delightful experience that will leave you wanting more. With rich and supple tobaccos from multiple regions, this cigar is right for any palate.

Profile: Medium/Full

Wrapper: Dark Nicaraguan

Filler: Ometepe, Condega, and Estelí

Binder: Jalapa

Shape: Robusto “Navegante”

Length: 5.5

Gauge: 55

Country: Nicaragua

Box-pressed: Yes

Sweet: N/A

Pricing: MSRP $168.00 (Box of 21) $8.00 (per stick)

First Impression: Looking at this cigar, the dark chocolate color is the first thing I noticed. The wrapper was oily, mildly toothy, and rough with a slightly matte finish. The aroma was sweet and almost like hay just after a sun shower. Upon further inspection, I noticed how fully packed this cigar was for a box press. There were no uneven spots or bulges, and the color was flawless throughout. I used a guillotine-style cutter, and the cap was removed easily.

Lighting, Draw and Burn: My cold draw was free-flowing and complex, with notes of hay, earth, leather, and figs. I utilized a single jet torch lighter and toasted the edges first, then evenly heated the rest of the foot until I saw a slight glow, puffing without the lighter to ignite the tobacco further. Once the cigar was lit, I observed an even straight burn with dark and heavy ash.

Flavor: With all Nicaraguan tobaccos, there was the spice, but it wasn’t typical. This spice was followed by a subtle sweetness, a heavy earthiness (almost like a mushroom), with cedar hidden in a thick smoke that coats the palate. The cigar was rich, almost like a meal, and worthy of tales.

Final Thoughts: AJ Fernandez has changed how I look at cigars lately. His blends are renowned worldwide, so much so that other cigar makers have an AJ blend. The NEW WORLD line is a definite go-to and will always be a dependable smoke. Try them all.

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