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My Top 5 El Septimo Cigars

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I always like to throw out a top five list for brands that I review. There are two bad things about this. First, the list changes so much in a short period of time. Or it has potential to. The second thing is this is personal preference. A cigar that I may love you may hate. Either way it is time to put up my list for El Septimo. I have had the luxury of trying and reviewing many of their cigars with plenty more to try. My list can be found below.

#5 - Excepcion Red

A limited run cigar that is great for anytime. Morning, noon, night, dessert, or late night by the fire. This has body, flavor, and white thick aroma filled smoke. This cigar had to make my top 5 and I knew after getting through the first third.

#4 - Dark Ruby Fabuloso

This cigar is packed with flavor and creamy white smoke. This is also the largest cigar on my top 5 list. You have to settle in and prepare to spend some time with this one. It will not be time wasted as you smoke through a delicious wrapper, binder, and filler.

#3 - Double Shot White Diamond

Another cigar in the NUB sized family. The Double Shot White Diamond definitely packs a both shots. Flavor is there from start to finish. This is a medium to full bodied cigar that always leaves you asking for more.

#2 - Bomba

A cigar that has tobacco aged for 15 years sounds amazing. There is so much that could go wrong in that type of time frame. The Bomba hits all the fine points. This tobacco was carefully watched and maintained for its entire time. Creamy leather meets chocolate and coffee.

#1 - X-Trem Shot

Finding the number one position is the 20 minute smoke that packs a punch. The flavor, burn time, and construction are amazing. I have always been a fan of the NUB sized cigars. This pushed that size to new heights while maintaining everything a full size cigar should have, minus the smoke time.

This is a list of cigars that I have smoked and reviewed from El Septimo. As I review more the list may change. As it sits right now this is my top 5. I thought long and hard about it. Until the updated top 5 comes to light .... ENJOY!!

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