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JFR Titan Connecticut Titan 6x60 – Nicaraguan Puro

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

JFR or Just for Retailers is a brand made by Aganorsa that has several cigars within its portfolio. Today, we focus on the Titan 6x60 Connecticut. This cigar is a luscious, creamy, and smooth Nicaraguan puro that is a perfect smoke for any pallet.

Profile: Medium/Full

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Connecticut Shade

Shape: Parejo

Length: 6 inches

Gauge: 60

Country: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Box-pressed: N/A

Sweet: N/A

Pricing: (Box of 50) $399.50, (per stick) $8

First Impression: As I inspect the cigar, I noticed how fine and smooth the wrapper is. Connecticut shade tobacco can be very fragile, and easy to split. However, this wrapper seems to have great pliability, a beautiful sheen, and an oiliness that will ever so slightly coat your fingers, with an aroma that of hay, barnyard, and a hint of figs.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn: I utilized a guillotine-style cutter for this cigar, just barely cutting off the pigtail. The cold draw was very similar to the overall aroma as I noted earlier. The figs were prominent along with a hint of vanilla, but the barnyard appeared in the back end. I toasted the cigar with a dual flame torch, but I lit it with a soft flame lighter. This process did in fact take a while, but the burn was perfect and very even.

Flavors: The cigar remained very consistent throughout the smoke. I noticed a very thick and creamy smoke that coated my pallet but was not overwhelming. That hay and barnyard component remains with a subtle hint of pepper, leather, and cedar. One thing to remember, although larger ring gauges burn “cooler”, it is easy to over-smoke them and get that ember glowing hot. I noticed a slight bitterness when it got too hot but once I backed off, the flavors were right back to where they should be.

Final Thoughts: It’s true when someone says anything made by Aganorsa is worth trying and the JFR Titan Connecticut is no exception. This cigar had a clean finish which left me satisfied and fulfilled. I would highly recommend this cigar to anyone from a newbie to a veteran looking for something new to try.

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