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El Septimo Volume XXII Limited Release Is Live

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This limited-edition cigar is available in limited quantities for a limited time only. With an oily Maduro wrapper, the Lebanon has a mixture of short-filler leaves that have undergone lengthy fermentation to darken the unblemished tobacco leaves as well as provide a smooth, light and consistent draw throughout the entire smoke.


Brand: El Septimo

Volume: XXII

Name: Lebanon

Aroma: 3 of 5

Strength: Medium

Length: 5 inches Gauge: 54 Collection: Travel Time Collection Wrapper: Maduro Country: Costa Rica

Price (Box of 20): $285

(single): $20

We are not doubting the luxury that will come along with this cigar. The process that El Septimo uses with each and every line of cigars is meticulous and perfection. Just from previous knowledge I could put my stamp of approval on this. Stay tuned as a review will follow in the upcoming weeks.

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