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El Septimo Luxury Ashtray Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Luxury compliments luxury. It almost has to be that way. The same rules apply in the world of cigars. El Septimo is a premium cigar. Each and every release falls comfortably inside the luxury line. It would be doing your cigars a disservice to not have the accessories that are on par. El Spetimo is putting out several items that meet the criteria. Today we will be talking about the Safari Collection Ashtrays.

The Ad Copy:

El Septimo’s Safari Collection Ashtrays are the perfect statement piece to add to your luxury collection. When smoking your cigar, you will be able to admire the beautiful piece of art that is right in front of you. The stylish designs are abstract, but elegant, immediately catching the consumer’s attention while smoking their cigar. These ceramic handcrafted pieces are each made in their own way taking into account specific colors, gold outlines, a protective layering on top and a non-slip design on the bottom making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each quarter El Septimo will release a new design to complete the Safari Collection. There will be a total of twelve designs in total.


Brand: El Septimo

Item: Luxury Ashtray

Collection: Safari

Collection Total: 12

Material: Ceramic

Bottom: Non-Slip Design

Outlines: Gold

Price: $250.00

First Impression:

Just look at this ashtray. It is more than a tool. It literally is a piece of art. Hand crafted with every detail given its due attention. You almost don't want to use it for an ashtray. It could easily be displayed for its beauty alone. Then I realized I have premium cigars to smoke and owe it to them to use this ashtray.


This part is not rocket science. It's an ashtray and you use it as such. One thing I noticed was while smoking your eyes are drawn to it. The way the light hits it and changes. The way it looks through a cloud of smoke. It is just an amazing piece that is definitely eye candy suitable.


So I wanted to proceed with caution on this part. There is a non-stick bottom that I am certain can be wiped down, but why take the chance. After my smoke session I wiped the inside down with a wet rag until all the ash was gone. I dried it and put it away safely until it was time to use it again. The protective coating makes cleaning it a breeze. You could clean it with a dry rag and everything will just wipe away. I know this is not a huge deal, but it was notable and deserved a mention.

Final Thoughts:

I love this ashtray. The look, the construction, the luxury. Everything about it is amazing. Beautiful craftmanship with unique design makes it an absolute must have. Stay tuned to the El Septimo's Instagram to see what version is next to come out.

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