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Death To The Cold Draw

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

A technique learned from a long time cigar smoker. It sounded crazy at first since I was so used to my cut and cold draw. After trying this out I can say it will be added to my regular rotation. Unfortunately, there is no official name to this method that I am aware of. While I believe there should be we will call it Lightning In A Bottle moving forward.

Step 1:

Light the foot of the cigar and stoke it.

Step 2:

Relight the foot and stoke it again

Step 3:

Relight a final time and stoke it to make sure it is lit

Step 4:

Cut your cap

Step 5:

Take a long draw

While lighting the foot of the cigar the heat is trapped at that end. The cap side remains cool. Once the cap is cut that is when the magic happens. You take that long draw. The first half of it is the equivalent of the cold draw. You then experience the cold draw turn into a heated draw. You get all the flavor followed by the smoke. It's the best of both worlds all rolled into one. I recently learned this technique and now will swear by it for taste and especially for reviews.

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