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Cigars 101: Nausea

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We are moving along with our cigar knowledge. We are sharing and trading sticks, we’re ordering samplers from cigar sites and we’re writing down what we like and don’t like. A friend invites you to try a cigar you have never had before. You do your ritual, you sit and relax, then you suddenly you realize that you’re nauseous. The room starts to spin, you begin to sweat slightly, your heart beats a little faster and your lips become numb…

This illness is quite common, and it is also a mild form of nicotine poisoning. No, you’re not going to die, but .... here is a list of a few things in no particular one can do to avoid or relieve this illness.

1. Eat prior to smoking a cigar

2. Small amount of sugar will take it away (be careful if you’re diabetic)

3. Stay away from large amounts of alcohol without following #1


5. Don’t chew on your cigar

6. Stay away from very strong cigars – If you see Maduro, Oscuro , Doble Oscuro, or Ligero (that is the strongest leaf off the plant) these will put you down. (Personally I love these!)

7. Drink plenty of water

8. Put the cigar down, take a rest

9. Don’t over puff the cigar, not only will you introduce nicotine into your mouth through the smoke, but the hot ember will make the stick bitter

Follow these tips and you’ll relieve or avoid this illness all together.

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