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Cigar Wars: Round 3 Results

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The third round of Cigars Wars is now over. Below you can find the results from round three followed by two then one. Stay tuned as round 4 will be round robin style.

Round 3 (winners in bold)

Opus X vs. Drew Estate

Perdomo vs. Punch

My Fathers vs. Fuente

Round 2 Matches (winners in bold)

Opus X vs. Davidoff

Rocky Patel vs. Drew Estate

NUB vs. Perdomo

Punch vs. Macanudo

Avo vs. My Fathers

Atabey vs. Fuente

Round 1 Matches (winners are in bold)

Opus X vs. Padron

Davidoff vs. Aging Room

Gurkha vs. Rocky Patel

Drew Estate vs. Alec Bradley

Acid vs. NUB

Perdomo vs. Ventura

Punch vs. Cohiba

CAO vs. Macanudo

Ashton vs. AVO

Hoya de Monterrey vs. My Fathers

Oliva vs. Atabey

Fuente vs. Camacho

Round 4 starts tomorrow. Don't forget to vote.

Stay tuned and be ready to vote. The finals will start tomorrow and run for 2 days.

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