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A Match Made In Heaven - Pairing Coffee And Cigars

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Coffee could be one of the greatest beverage choices on the planet. Need a little extra boost? Love the taste? Part of your morning ritual? Coffee has taken its place as one of if not thee most popular drink. We also have this same love for our precious cigars. These tow mix so well it should be illegal. Why does this combo work? Is there a method to the madness of pairing the two?

Why Do Coffee and Cigars Pair So Well Together?

Coffee and cigars just work well together. The flavor offered by your favorite smoke can be matched with several different flavors of coffee. There is a match for everyone's pallet. The flavors have the chance to mix and overlap. One compliments or intensifies the other creating a very enjoyable experience. Both cigars and coffee depend on their growing location and how they are prepared to create their unique tasting experience.

How Do You Pair The Right Cigar With The Right Cup Of Coffee?

A good rule of thumb is to pair similar flavor profiles. Let's say that you have decided on a mild cigar with some sweetness to it. That would pair best with a light roast coffee so one flavor does not dominate the other. A medium cigar with a nutty taste would go good with a medium roast nutty flavored coffee. Stronger cigars with a bold leathery taste would pair great with a strong roast. These are general guidelines to help make decisions but they are not set in stone. One of my favorite combinations currently is a CAO Brazilia paired with a hazelnut medium roast coffee. It doesn't follow the guidelines, but my taste buds thank me for it. Another odd combination that I have found to be very pleasing is a Drew Estate Factory Smoke paired with Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut flavored brew. One other recommendation that I have always found to be great is espresso. It seems to go with everything in my opinion.

Coffee and Cigar Pairings

As stated before when the pairing process begins it is always a safer bet to pair like flavors. The flavors are meant to complement and enhance each other. A great cigar with an overpowering coffee can drown out the taste of your cigar. Like with all pairing combinations, when trying to match cigars with coffee, similarities in taste must be considered. Balance is the key to a good pairing. It should be almost a zen like experience.

What coffee and cigar combinations are your go to selections?

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