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A Guide To Cigar Cutters

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

First, I would like to say that there is no complete guide to cigar cutters. There are so many variations of the many methods of preparing a cigar that it would be impossible to make that claim. Instead, this guide is intended to show you the different versions in their most basic forms. That accompanied by the basic operation of each is a good start to choosing your preferred method. Please take this information as a tool for guidance and do your own research. Everyone has a different preference and taste.

Straight/Guillotine Cutters

The most common cigar cutter available is the Guillotine. This cutter consists of one or two sharp blades used to remove a large portion of the cigar cap. The single blade version is the most basic and cost efficient of the two. The double blade carries a higher price tag but you are paying for a cleaner more precise cut.

V-Cutters / Wedge Cutters

Similar to the guillotine cutter in operation the v-cutter makes a wedged slice through the cap rather than removing the it completely. The blade design allows it to make a slice at the exact same depth from top to bottom. The risk of removing "to much" is non existent with this cutter. The equal v cut takes enough surface area to give you an excellent draw.

Biting The Cap

No photo is really needed for this one. The title says it all. Grab your cigar, latch your pearly whites onto the cap, and give it a bite. This is cigar cutting in its most primitive form and still used today.

Scissor Cutter

This would fall under the category of the cousin of the double blade guillotine cutter. It is also self explanatory. The difference I see between this and the guillotine is finesse. You have to get the perfect pressure while cutting to obtain and straight non damaging cut to your cigar.

Punch Cutters

The punch does not remove the entire cap just like the v-cutter. It uses a sharp circular blade to put a hole in the center of the cap.

Shuriken Cutters

The Shuriken Cutter leaves the cap of the cigar intact. Instead it uses six sharp blades to cut slits around the circumference of the cigar’s cap.

Spike Cutter

The spike cutter is a unique innovation in cigar preparation. While leaving the cap intact like other cutters this gives you the ability to adjust your draw. Three sharp spikes are pushed into the cap to create your draw. You are able to add more holes as you see fit. You are also able to make holes around the cap if needed to find a perfect draw.

Do your own research and try out every method. One of them will just feel right.

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